Installing a Fence
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Installing a Fence

Do you have a home that you need to protect? Before you invest in an alarm system or worry about a new front door, you might want to think about putting in a fence. Fences can be attractive, sturdy barriers that keep people out of your space, which can be really helpful for creating the kind of environment you are looking for. On this website, check out great information about how to install a fence with the help of the right professionals, how to proceed with your plans, and what to do when things don't turn out exactly like you might want them to. By making a few simple changes now, you could dramatically improve your future.


Installing a Fence

Choose the Right Automatic Gate for Your Commercial Fence

Ronald Bell

When it comes to protecting your business and the equipment that you store on your commercial property, a fence and automatic access gate are one of the best investments you can make. The following guide can help you understand your gate opening mechanism options.

Rolling Gate

Rolling gates are very common. The gate has wheels on the bottom, which allows it to slide open or closed sufficiently to allow entrance for one vehicle. A chain drive operates the gate, so you have to ensure that there is no nearby landscaping that can interfere with the mechanism. The main benefit of a rolling gate is that you don't need to install a track or alter the paving at all for installation. The main drawback is that there is typically a space between the gate bottom and the ground, which an intruder could squeeze through.

Double Retracting Gate

A double retracting gate is similar to a rolling gate, except there are two gates that roll in opposite directions. These gates require less time to close, which can add security because it makes it more difficult for someone to slip in behind someone going through the gate. Double retracting gates also need less room on either side of the gate because the gates aren't as long.

Cantilever Gate

If wheels aren't an option, perhaps due to uneven ground or a gravel entrance, cantilever gates are a good option. Instead of wheels, the gates are held in place by sturdy posts, which swing open when the gate is activated. Gates should swing away from the direction of the entrance so they don't hit the vehicle waiting to pass through. You should maintain a clear area but fortunately, landscaping isn't an issue since there is no long chain drive. Further, much like rolling gates, there is a space beneath the gate that an intruder can get through.

Sliding Track Gates

If you want a gate with no gap at all, then a sliding track gate is the best option. A track is first installed in the ground across the entryway. The gate is fitted into the track, which will then provide the guide when the gate slides open and closed. Sliding gates don't have a gap beneath them, but you will need to make sure both the track and the gate drive is kept free of debris.

Contact an automatic gate opener installer for more help in choosing the best fence and gate for your commercial property.